With almost 15 years of experience, we specialise in the acquisition, marketing, and sale of new build developments and sites throughout the Midlands.

Whilst our advice will be tailored on a case-by-case basis, our knowledge base encompasses:

  • We advise on the commercial returns of development sites, with or without planning permission.
  • We assist clients in maximising the value of their site by connecting them with a network of local professionals who can assist with planning permission strategies and acquisition.
  • We help landowners negotiate joint venture and promotion agreements so they can benefit from their land’s potential without the stress of achieving planning consents alone.
  • We provide guidance to developers in the early stages of their projects to ensure they create saleable plots, layouts, and properties that potential buyers will pay a premium for.
  • We specialise in the marketing and negotiation of land that has potential, outline, or detailed planning consents. We maintain a large database of potential purchasers who are always searching for their next acquisition.
  • We offer a service for small to medium sized developers that covers conception to completion. Our team will work with you from day one to develop and recommend a marketing strategy, which includes site naming, pricing, and a release plan. We have the expertise to manage the entire sales and marketing process and have a successful track record in the industry.


We welcome to opportunity to work with both new and existing clients, as well as their contractors, architects, and planning consultants, to enhance the marketability and overall value of your development.